All of the listed resources may be downloaded by clicking on the title. There are no copyright restrictions unless indicated otherwise. These resources are intended to inform professional practice and education. Many of them feature extensive bibliographies and links to other digital documents and web sites.




Kesik, Ted and Rosemary Martin. Mass Timber Building Science Primer. Mass Timber Institute, University of Toronto, Canada. Funded by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, March 2021.

Mass Timber


Kesik, Ted, Liam O’Brien and Aylin Ozkan. Thermal Resilience Design Guide, Version 1.0. Funded by ROCKWOOL North America.


Kesik, Ted, Liam O’Brien and Terri Peters. MURB Design Guide, Version 2.0. Funded by BC Housing and Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, February 2019. 


Kesik, Ted. Resilience Planning Guide, Version 1.0, funded by Rockwool North America, November 2017.




Gina Page and Amanda Chong, (T. Kesik, Advisor). Condo Buyers Guide. Revised January 2017.